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Bruce Hancock

Bruce Hancock

Reverse Mortgage Specialist

My name is Bruce Hancock. I am a Viet Nam veteran, and I have been in the mortgage biz since 1984. I am married and moved from Jersey to Florida in 2009. I enjoy helping seniors, and it is my passion and my goal. Isaiah 41:10 says; I do not work for gold, I work to please the Lord, to bring Him honor and praise. I truly feel that way, which is why I love helping seniors to live a better, more secure retirement. I settled my first HECM (Reverse) in 2001. Today, it is all I do. I love the program because once I dispel the myths, seniors realize how wonderful this program really is; enabling them to better enjoy their retirement years. Equity sits in a home doing nothing, all the while, many seniors worry about long term care, or losing income when a spouse passes, or maybe just not having enough to enjoy their lives. All the while, they have this  untapped equity in their home. All we do is make it available to them should they need it.


Allow me to explain how this wonderful program can really provide financial security. All God’s blessings to you.

. Bruce is not affiliated with NAMCOA. He is a fellow team member of the Entrepreneur Society of Ocala.